Fox News Host Jesse Watters Getting Divorce After Alleged ‘Cheating’ With Co-Worker!

Jesse Watters or the “Golden Boy of FOX channel” as the world know him is definitely in trouble. No, it is not related to his career but his personal life is absolutely in jeopardise. And this has been this way since the October of 2017, even since his wife, Noelle Inguagiato Watters has filed for a divorce against him.

Certainly, Jesse wasn’t impressed but bygones are bygones and it cannot be helped at all. Jesse Watters was born on July 9, in the year of 1978. He is an American by birth and definitely a great as well asdiplomatic political commentator. He works forthe Fox News Channel.

Fox News Host Jesse Watters, has often handled and reported various news related to Hollywood and posed questions such as, ” Is This Hollywood’s Next Major Studio?” Bob Simonds, the popular Hollywood producer and his Studio STX has also been discussed many a times by Jesse. Always Meddling with matters that matter, Jesse Watters has become an individual whose private life has become a public interest in recent times. He has more than once appeared in The O’Reilly Factor. It is one of the political shows that is featured. He is definitely well known and well connected. Unfortunately, nothing could stop him from tarnishing his image for the people.

The secret affair:

Not so secret anymore, his affair with Emma DiGiovine, a co-worker was out in the open. Of course, it was because Jesse confessed to the same all by himself. This was right after his wife walked out on him and filed for the divorce.

Emma DiGiovine is a 25 year old associate producer who was working with Jesse on his show. He had already raised a smoke when both Emma and Jesse were found together on a very exclusive and secret Caribbean trip.

This trip saw DiGiovine in a very sexy and skimpy dress that had raised concerns and eyebrows. But the fire broke after the divorce news. Jesse self-confessed to the affair to the head of the HR in FOX channel.

And this is exactly when Emma DiGiovine was transferred to a completely different show on the same channel. Of course, this is an affair that didn’t see its end yet, as the reports suggest. People must understand that this affair though has led to the breaking of an unsuccessful marriage, Jesse still manages to make the best of his career through the same channel.

His wife and twin daughters had to go through an excruciating pain at the hand of his betrayal and this somewhere seems to bother him the least.