Famous Fashionable Wear for Girls in 2016

Barely a month into 2016, we have already witnessed much in the fashion industry. Many trends that were considered extremely fashionable and the peak of glory have died down in importance. Consequently, age-old fashion trends that seemed to have no followers have picked up and are being sported by quite a few famous personalities. In this article, we explore the famous fashionable trends that are being followed in 2016. Particularly among girls, the Anarkali suits has raisedtoo much popularity in this year. Let us take a look at the various entrants in the industry.

girl wear

Long Coats

It is no secret that the fashion industry has been endorsing many clothes of alimited length such as micro-mini skirts, crop tops, spaghetti straps,etc. since the early 2000s. However, in 2016, we have witnessed a revolutionary trend in the industry’s definition of chic and fashionable. Many models in designer collections are now seen to be sporting trendy long coats. An offshoot of trench coats, these are colorful and joyous and bring life to many seemingly dull clothes. Even with traditional royal Anarkali suits, these coats are combined to give a modern twist to age-old beauty.

Little Summer Dress

In contrast to the long coats mentioned above, yet another style of fashion that is exponentially gaining popularity among the youngsters in 2016 is the little summer dress. Mainly worn in warmer regions, this is a one-piece dress that extends a little above the knees. Many colorful patterns involving flowers, butterflies, and other such summer-themed concepts are used to make these dresses. The fabric used most commonly is cotton, but dresses of blends have also gained popularity. While not as rich and extravagant as the Anarkali suit, the little summer dress is quite trendy and suitable for casual occasions.

Customized Ethnic Wear

Fashion today, has become less about copying and imitating famous personalities and models and more about picking clothes that suit your own style and figure. As a step ahead to this phenomenon, today, we observe many women adding their own touches to clothes purchased from designers. This trend has become quite fashionable in 2016. Ethnic wear such as Anarkali suits and sarees with heavy embroidery are purchased from showrooms. Trendy women then think of and add their own little ideas to the clothes to make it customized and introduce an individual aspect to the dresses.

Subtle Suave Red:

For reasons that are not yet quite clear, the color red has risen to significance at the dawn of the year 2016. Many leading personalities of the fashion industry have sported and endorsed the color red in a subtle suave shade. This color suits many forms of dressing, particularly ethnic wear. Posh red Anarkali suits with rich golden embroidery are one of the most popular styles preferred by fashionable women in 2016. Many different forms of sarees are also being introduced in this shade. In the casual dresses category, red makes a bold statement with its strength and shades.