Dresses that you should never wear while traveling – A vital check on the facts

When you’re traveling, safety should definitely be one of the key considerations, irrespective of where you travel and for what you’re traveling. They say you are what you dress like and if you don’t wear the right dresses, people might have a bad impression on your confidence and your self-esteem. However, that doesn’t mean that you could carry anything and everything while traveling or wear anything that you want to. You should keep in mind certain factors before choosing an attire so that you don’t offend the sentiments of any class of people. The concerns of this article will deal with the different apparels or dresses that you need not carry when you’re traveling to some place. Read on to know about what not to wear when you’re out for a trip.

  • Don’t wear clothes that are religiously immodest:

If you’re about to visit a country that holds deeply religious views like the countries in the MiddleEast, you should make a wise decision while choosing your clothes. You should particularly avoid miniskirts, bra tops, tank tops, short-sleeved shirts and at times you should avoid even capri pants. Don’t carry revealing dresses and those that show your cleavage as they are big No-Nos for traveling to religious places. Men should even try to avoid sleeveless tops and shorts in any of the Middle East countries or while entering a church.

  • Open toe shoes or sneakers:

In majority of the countries, sneakers are mainly for sporting activities. On the other hand, Crocs, tennis shoes and Birkenstocks are frowned by the Italians and Spaniards. Instead, you should wear some comfortable leather shoes while walking through the city and always keep them polished and well-maintained. For most of the American tourists, lace-up tennis shoes are more of a calling card. If you’re traveling apart from a beach, it is best to stick to closed-toe shoes which can safeguard you from insect cuts or bites.

Dresses that you should never wear while traveling

  • Avoid shorts:

Yes, it is true that Americans love their shorts but there are some other cultures like Vietnamese and Indonesians who don’t usually wear shorts for regular walking purposes. Therefore, you should reserve your khaki shorts for only parks, beaches, tennis clubs and hiking trails.

  • Curse words, national flags and religious images:

Avoid clothes that sport military or religious symbols, swear words or national flags or some words that are written in a language which can’t be translated. Do you think there’s a need to spark a debate while you’re on a vacation? Therefore, it is better to leave religious jewelry and other controversial necklaces back at home. Even if you wear it, make sure they’re underneath your clothes.

Therefore, if you’re travelling to some place which is either too religious or orthodox, you should avoid wearing the above mentioned types of clothes. To know more on travel clothes that you should pack, you may take a look at http://packyardstore.com/.