Tips To Make Softer Cakes for Your Grand Celebration on Anniversary

Anniversary is the time to say thank you to your partner for the wonderful journey. No journey is always smooth, there is always some amount of pain and that’s what makes the journey even stronger. So, what do you do generally on an anniversary? Call up friends, relatives, and colleagues and throw a party or go out for a lovely evening. People come and wish you people for your togetherness, have food and drink, gossip about others and leave. It’s a great way of reconnecting to people so get together on occasions is a good option. But what would the guests remember and take back home? They would forget everything, in fact some of them would forget the date of your anniversary but they would never forget the food and drinks served. We have some basic tips for you to make satin soft anniversary cakes so that your guests always remember the hospitality.

anniversary cakes

Follow these for a softer, smoother, and delectable cakes.

  1. A good mixing: Any work requires good homework to form a firm base. If the base of a building is not strong, it will fall easily. So, the homework that you require is to watch closely all the TV shows on baking cakes and reading about them. The batter of the cake has to be a perfect one because it is the skeleton of a cake. Different types of cakes require different method of mixing. For example, butter cake or sponge cake or layered cakes get their softness while you cream the fat and sugar together, adding eggs and then slowly incorporating dry fruits with timely addition of milk. Foam cakes get the foam like fluffy texture while egg whites are beaten, whipped until voluminous and then folded into the batter.
  2. Oven Knowledge: Once the cakes batter is made, it has to be baked. It’s great that you have done the base work correctly, but baking part is equally important. Over cooking or under cooking often results in unsatisfactory taste. So, correct amount of heating is required. You can get oven thermometer so that the cake is just a flawless one.
  3. Size of the Pan: Size of the pan is very important for retaining the softness of cakes. Cakes generally swell up 50-100% once poured in the baking pan and therefore if there is lack of space the result would be a hard cake.
  4. Freshness: Make sure that the eggs that you are using are fresh because the foam formed by fresh egg whites are always the best. Another thing to remember is to sift the flour before mixing it in baking powder and other ingredients.

In case, you are running out of time and want something easy then you can go for online shopping of cakes where a plethora of cakes are waiting for you. Apple crumble, chocolate fudge, blueberry cheese cake, caramel cheese cake, choco pistachio, mocha cake, tiramisu cake, opera cake, white forest cake, hazel nut chocolate cake, ferrero rocher cake, are just to name a few. You can get any of these delectable anniversary cakes from any online gift shop like Ferns and Petals.