Sweet Romantic Birthday Wishes

Sweet Romantic Birthday Wishes And Quotes

Dictionary defines birthday as “the anniversary of the day on which a person was born” in a literal sense its true, but it means more than that for the birthday lad. It’s a day of joy, happiness, fun and most importantly celebration. All around the world, every individual love to celebrate his or her birthdays. One throws a party with cakes, food, drinks, games, singing, dancing a lots and lots of other fun activity. But the question arises, what is the reason that one celebrates their birthday? What makes this particular day so special that one cannot simply resist enjoying this day? Well there are a lot of reasons to it, but the main being it’s the anniversary of the special day on which an angel of god was born.

Sweet Romantic Birthday Wishes

Every year on this day one celebrates by cherishing what they have received, and simply forgetting what they have lost, but most importantly by moving on with life and waiting with enthusiasm for more experiences to knock their door steps in the years to come. This day is noun alone, but with the people you love this day becomes the best day of the year. Your family and friends makes this day memorable for you by their presence but what really make this day so special is there greetings and wishes. So here is a list of wishes to make the birthday of your loved one special.

 Falling in love with you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Today I thank God for bringing you on this earth, and presenting you with the gift of life. Without you my life would have been incomplete. Happy birthday my love, stay blessed.

Luck has often been on my side but I became the luckiest man on this earth, the day I met you. It’s great to be in love with such an amazing person. Happy birthday to you, I hope you are gifted with all the happiness and love of this world.

If only I could bring all the stars from the sky and present it to you on a silver platter I would do it. But that is not possible, so instead of that I present you with my love for the rest of your life. Happy birthday my sweet pie, I wish you all the happiness in this world.

Today is the opportunity for you to roast me and demand for anything you wish. It’s your birthday and I will do everything in my power to make all your wishes come true. Happy birthday my love, hope you see many more of these day.

I wish for the hands that hold us together is always mine.
I wish for the arms you rest in are always mine
I wish for the chest you rest you head upon while you sleep is always mine.

I wish for the ears that hear your whispers is always mine.
and I wish for the lips you can’t wait to kiss is always mine
I just wish to be there for you now and forever.
Happy birthday my love, may all your fun wishes come true

I thank the parents who gave birth to the most beautiful girl on this earth. They gave birth to an angel of lord. When I see you, all I think about is being with you. Happy Birthday to you my love, I love you.

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