Not Your Everyday Christmas Gifts: Unique Ideas to Consider

There is never a shortage of Christmas gift ideas for those we love; there are a lot of great gift ideas to consider, too. In this post, however, we’re going to focus on the more unusual gift ideas that are not only thoughtful but will also make the recipients happy. Let’s get started, shall we?

Not Your Everyday Christmas Gifts

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Kindle (and Thousands of Books)

Most of us love to read and there is no better Christmas gift to get loved ones who are just as avid about reading as we are, than the Kindle. The 2016 version of Amazon’s Kindle is actually more affordable than ever. It comes with an e-ink screen that makes reading books on it very comfortable. It is also very compact and light, which means it can be carried anywhere without adding bulk to your bags.

Here’s the twist: don’t just stop at buying the new Kindle. You can actually add thousands of free books to the new e-reader by adding an Amazon Prime subscription to the mix. Amazon now offers access to a lot books – including some of the most popular titles in recent years – for free to all Amazon Prime subscribers.

Combined, the Amazon Kindle and a subscription to Amazon Prime will be the best gifts your loved ones will ever receive. Oh, did I tell you that the Kindle is available in black and white?

Derby Skate Sets!

Derby skates used to be very popular and they are definitely making a comeback this year. If you have loved ones who used to love to skate when they were younger, getting them a nice pair of derby skates may just be what they need to remember the good old days. The fact that derby skates are getting more popular today also means there are plenty of discounts and special offers to go through before making your purchase.

Again, adding a little twist to the gift will make it even more special. You can, for instance, find out about a local roller derby place and grab a couple of memberships to add to the gift too. There are plenty of places that offer roller derby games and live music on certain days, so this twist should also be easy to execute.

DIY Kits: Make Your Own Macarons Kit

DIY kits always make interesting presents, but the one to get this year is the DIY Make Your Own Macarons kit. This kit is available from different brands and manufacturers, but they basically include the same set of items. The kit will include everything you – and your loved ones – need to make macarons from scratch.

The best part about this DIY kit is that you can use it again and again. It is a gift that keeps on giving, since you can take the set out and make tasty macarons anytime you want.

These are just some of the more out-of-the-box ideas to get you started. Do you have your own gift ideas you’d like to share? Be sure to leave them in the comments below.

Clearing The Dilemma About Clenbuterol

Well is Clenbuterol a steroid or not? This is one thing that has popularly remained in question since forever. And here we are to clear this dilemma and put an end to it by telling it out loud that it indeed isn’t a steroid after all. But research also showed that even after clenbuterol not being an anabolic steroid exactly is still used as a “performance enhancing drug” for years none the less. Also, it is especially used by bodybuilders who are always looking for ways to up their workout game to get more results and get them faster, and Clenbuterol can provide these results quickly to them.

Dilemma About Clenbuterol

Research also showed that it may have some anti-catabolic effects that can protect muscle mass and it is also commonly used with steroids such as Winstrol, Anavar, and Deca-Durabolin and here it is used as a cutting cycle steroid for weight loss, which means bodybuilders can eliminate unwanted fat and get a ripped look, without causing deterioration in muscle mass. Now, the medical community has been using Clenbuterol spray pens to help control breathing issues in asthma patients, and in animals through veterinary medicine as well.

And it is also used in animals with livestock to help build lean muscle mass. That is what makes it appealing to bodybuilders since you can build lean muscle mass anytime and do it faster which a positive advantage for them.  Clenbuterol also burns fat quite easily and hence it is the reason why so many people use it in conjunction with dieting so as to get their body where they want it to be.

The fast results that it produces also means that you don’t have to diet as long so as to lose the weight you want to get rid of, which reduces so much pressure and makes it so much easier and simpler way to opt. This drug really seems to target all the fat in the stomach and “love handle” area where many men have problems getting rid of.

This drug is very attractive for that reason alone. It can increase your body’s metabolic rate. It’s similar to the drug speed or epinephrine in that way. Which is very effective and good for your entire body’s metabolic system which is all in all very good for your body in return.

But as usual, it is very important that it is taken only after consulting and getting a green signal from your doctor as it is a drug and in order to work on your body it will have to influence your hormones to get optimum and wanted a result out. Also, your doctor will help you know about all its positive and negative aspects and how much intake should be taken in order to get only positive results. Since it does so much good for your body don’t fool yourself in considering it as some sort of magic pill as to get the best output out of this drug you need to exercise and keep a healthy diet too no matter what.

Our Go-To Guide To Help You Learn Everything About Custom Lanyards

Looking for high quality custom lanyards? You’ve come to the right place! Don’t you wish that there was a little guide to help you know how to choose and invest in custom lanyards without regretting it later? We will help you learn more information about custom lanyards to avoid detours and save your money. Read on and feel free to contact us to get the best proposal from our professional team.

Promotional Product Market Analysis

1. Promotional Product Market Analysis

Promotional products such as pens, stock cards,and plush toys are the items used to promote a product, service or company program, including advertising specialties, premiums, business gifts, incentives, awards, prizes, and other imprinted or decorated items. There are some data analyses that show the importance of promotional products.

Studies prove a promotional product is a must

According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI):

  • 94 percent of customers could recall the promotional products they had received in the past two years.
  • 89 percent could also recall the advertiser.
  • 83 percent reported they were happy to receive promotional products.
  • 48 percent would like to get promotional products more frequently.
  • 69 percent tend to keep the promotional products.

A business traveler study at Dallas Fort Worth Airport showed that 71 percent of business people have received at least one promotional product during the last 12 months. 33.7 percent of them received it on their person and 76.1 percent could tell the advertiser’s name. While 52 percent of that group kept working with the advertiser after receiving the promotional product, 52.1 percent reported their impression of the advertiser was much better after they received the item.

According to a study conducted by Baylor University, the promotional products used in direct mail solicitations can increase response rates to over 75 percent. As a result, ‘lumpy’ mail opens. When the company uses promotional products instead of coupons, customers reorder more frequently. Researchers at Southern Methodist University found that customers who received promotional products reordered more than 18 percent sooner than those who received coupons, and over 13 percent sooner than those who received no promotion.

Research after research proves that people who receive the promotional products remember the advertiser’s name. A research by Schreiber & Associates, Peoria, IL, showed that 39 percent of people who received a promotional product could recall the advertiser’s name as long as 6 months after they received it.

What is the most power of promotional products?

Let’s think: what’s your most budget-friendly promotion product? Yes, it’s lanyard! Many companies keep purchasing thousands of custom lanyards for their employees. Be they custom printed with the company’s logos, names, slogans, or symbols, custom lanyards as promotional products are a cheap option.

Custom lanyards serve as a convenient and effective source of advertising when worn at the trade shows or given away for a promotional purpose. They are well-known for their ability to keep important objects handy while simultaneously keeping your hands free.

Custom lanyards help to meet all needs of the companies, sports events, and activities. When you spend lots of money on your company advertising, your competitor may use a much cheaper way to drive real business results, and get an incredible impression of their customers. Shortly, every company can reap the fantastic benefits from the custom lanyards.

2. What is custom lanyard?

A lanyard is a strap or a cord that is worn around the neck to hold a whistle, identification badge, keys and other small items. Lanyards are used everywhere – from schools, businesses, hospitals, to special events, reunions, conventions, and recreational activities.

Custom lanyards can also be used as an advertising tool with a customized logo or name printed on the strap. They come in a great variety of colors and types with different hardware attached at the bottom for holding an ID badge holder, retractable badge reels, etc.

Lanyards can be made from cotton, cord, nylon or polyester twill. The least expensive one is the cord type, but it can’t be printed as it lacks the flat surface of the strap type. There are lanyards that have a small bulb containing a retractable reel to use with your keys or ID badge. They can also have breakaway connectors so that if the lanyard gets caught it releases before it pulls on the neck.

Made from nylon, polyester or cotton, the strap type lanyards are usually printed with a company or team name, logo or product. There are three different printing methods:  screen printed lanyard, woven lanyard,and dye sublimation lanyard.

What is custom lanyard What is custom lanyard 2 What is custom lanyard 3

Lanyards don’t just hold your ID

You can also use lanyards a form of self-expression to let the world know about your social issues. For instance, you can choose a breast cancer awareness lanyard, a support-our-troops lanyard, or a patriotic lanyard. You can get a pink lanyard or a patriotic lanyard with your logo and text message showing your support.

Today, lanyards are popular for their ability to keep important objects close at hand while simultaneously keeping hands free. Lanyards are used in many official capacities by military and government personnel to hold security cards or other things they need to work without any delay.

Lanyards don’t just hold your ID

Where can you use lanyards?

There are many places where you can use custom lanyards, except the office. Lanyards boast the incredible benefits and many institutions have already experienced them. Here are the situations where you can use your custom lanyards.

Conference identification

Perhaps your conference or event doesn’t have free entry. In this case, you will want to identify people who are meant to be there. Or, you have a panel of VIPs or delegates, or you have restricted access areas. When you use lanyards, you can quickly identify people without security staff pestering them for credentials or information. You can use simple, unprinted lanyards in different colors or a color-coded ID card hanging from the clip.

Advertising beacon

As we mention above, print your logo, brand or contact details onto the lanyard and ask your staff or conference visitors to wear your logo. This creates awareness. Plus, people may keep using lanyards at home or in the office after your event. You staff may even want to wear them during lunch, or use them during any other special event.

Last year, we attended an automotive event and spotted a company selling lanyards with their brand printed along the length of the lanyard for $10. This is a great way to raise money for a charity or nonprofit organization. Do you want to get high quality custom lanyards without ruining your budget? Please click here.

Secure locations and complexes

Entry to secure premises requires an ID card or a swipe key, or even a RFID chip or card. You can attach it to your lanyard and wear around the neck. This will help you and your staff use the ID cards faster, and avoid losing their ID – in some cases can be a real disaster. Not to mention that RFID chips can cost a fortune. If lost, you may end up paying $100 for RFID chips.

Hospital staff

Medical personnel should use pens non-stop. Did you know that a lanyard can help you wear a pen around your neck? The strap features a safety fitting to prevent strangulation if someone grabs the lanyard, or it gets caught on machinery or equipment. Lanyard are excellent in medical facilities and around government institutions due to their safety rating and ability to keep the hands of medical personnel free in certain situations.

Parties and social events

Cruising requires people to carry a lanyard with their cruise card. We have also seen some awesome parties where the guests wore the lanyards, including a huge beach party where people wore specific lanyard colors to display marital status, and a small gathering where people wore the lanyards with a number to enter a competition during the event. People stick to these kinds of items for keepsake and this creates strong brand awareness for your company.

3. Lanyard Types and Attachments

There are many types of lanyards and every lanyard has its own features and differs from raw materials and uses. But custom lanyard can’t be complete if not these attachments.

Flat polyester lanyard

Flat polyester lanyard

The classic polyester lanyard is still the best when it comes to economic and customization needs. Available in several colors and with any fitting, these promotional lanyards meet any requirements. We offer flat polyester lanyards that will suit your requirements and come with whatever clips and accessories you request. All for a factory price.

The companies invest in polyester lanyards to create a promotional product. Polyester is an ideal fabric for lanyards. It is both durable and hardy. You can wash and dry it as often as you wish.

Nylon lanyards

Nylon lanyards

One of the most renowned types of lanyard is nylon lanyards. Nylon lanyards made from a flat braid or round nylon material (and available in different colors) offer the best value for promoting and securing your company. In fact, a nylon lanyard can be downright cheap and it’s so versatile. You can choose a plain, custom or pre-printed nylon lanyard that features lots of attachment options. 4inlanyar provides a wide range of nylon lanyards and offers competitive prices, bundle discounts and a price match guarantee.

Heat transfer lanyard (a full-color lanyard)

Heat transfer lanyard (a full-color lanyard)

What does make the heat transfer lanyard (a full-color lanyard) different? The text or logo isn’t just printed onto the surface of the polyester material. Instead, it’s dyed all the way into the fabric. Full-color lanyards are made from the same strong, comfortable polyester like our more traditional styles. But your design, no matter how intricate or complex it is, is imprinted onto both sides of the material. If your design is highly detailed or includes multiple color gradients, full color is the perfect solution to your lanyard needs.

Eco-friendly lanyard

Eco-friendly lanyard

If you are looking for promotional lanyards where you want to make an environmentally friendly statement about your company, we recommend you to choose eco-friendly lanyards. We offer eco-friendly bamboo lanyards, recycled PET lanyards, and cotton lanyards. These types of lanyards are incredibly popular in European and American countries.

If you want to order any eco-friendly lanyards, the custom printed lanyards are the best choice. It takes 2 to 3 weeks to make lanyards to suit any business needs.

Woven lanyard

Woven lanyard

If you want your custom lanyards to have an elegant, finished appearance, the woven polyester lanyards are the perfect solution. Woven polyester lanyards weave your message or logo into the lanyard with thread, using a process similar to embroidery. Thanks to this weaving process, the woven lanyards are excellent for simple logos or text, since more elaborate lettering won’t be legible.

Tube lanyard

Tube lanyard

Tube lanyards are made from loosely stitched polyester formed into a tube and folded at the end. The manufacturing process of the imprinted tube polyester lanyard gives the product a greater stretchability than any other lanyard type has. Although tube lanyards are too small to place your text and/or logos, they are all budget-friendly. Tube lanyards are the best low-cost solution for your custom lanyard needs.

Festival wristbands

Festival wristbands

When you don’t need too big lanyards, we recommend festival wristbands. Perfect for gyms and other recreational companies, these wrist strap lanyards offer a wide range of custom, standard fittings and they’re easy to carry. 4inlanyard offer woven and heat transfer wristbands along with unbeatable price and excellent customer service.

Luggage belt

Luggage belt

Luggage straps help to cinch your bags to keep them shut, secure and safe during transit. Made from strong, durable materials, like reinforced vinyl, nylon or leather, there are a belt or bungee style to consider. Being about 2 inches wide and up to 80 inches long, they are ideal for various bag sizes, as well as one or more pieces of luggage, all at the same time.

Travel smart with this cool luggage belt to help you identify your luggage during the baggage claim. The adjustable belt wraps around your suitcase will prevent accidental openings. Get your personalized luggage straps, constructed out of a super strength nylon or polyester or woven or heat-transfer material by ordering on

Custom rush lanyard

Custom rush lanyard

Made from high-quality soft polyester, rush lanyards can change the way you look at lanyards overall. We can make these lanyards imprint with your logo in just 1 working day as soon as you place your order and approve your artwork by using our stock color lanyard material. We offer the fastest delivery service and send lanyards via express courier straight to a customer.

If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait for our 3-day service, take a look at our special 1 Day Print Lanyards!

Lanyard Attachments

No matter what kind of custom lanyards you need, they’re not complete without attachments. We offer multiple attachment options for your lanyards. Here are some of the best attachments out there.

Lanyard Attachments

With every custom lanyard order, you will need to choose one of our standard attachments shown above. These are the most popular attachment options we offer. We ensure at least one of them will definitely suit your needs.

Badge holders

Badge holders

When it comes to carrying an I.D. badge or key card, it’s really hard to beat badge holders attached to custom lanyards. The badge or card is kept secure on the lanyard, making it difficult to lose. They’re convenient when you need to open doors, or pass through a security check.

The fact that you wear a badge holder ensures that you’re not a random stranger and you don’t pose a potential security threat. At conferences and conventions, badge holders help to keep attendees’ names and affiliations front and center. That makes networking easier and more efficient.

When you order on 4inlanyard, you get our top quality customer service and best prices. If you find a lower price, we will surely match it.

When it comes to customer service, we follow just one simple rule – treat every customer as we want to be treated. We are always happy to answer your questions and respond to your concerns about your custom lanyards and badge holders.

Badge reel

Badge reel

Custom lanyards help to carry I.D. badges, key cards, keys and other day-to-day accessories. But sometimes you need something a little bit different. That’s where custom badge reels enter the picture.

The 4inlanyard badge reels are made from sturdy PVC plastic that’s tough enough to withstand rough weather and everyday handling. We can imprint your custom logo right onto the reels to help you get your brand message delivered to a wide audience. Colorful and lightweight, badge reels are frugal and easy to carry. When you want to keep your I.D. badge or set of keys handy, opt for a badge reel.

When it comes to quality, you would agree that 4inlanyard can’t be beaten. We offer free artwork and revisions on both lanyards and badge reels, and we don’t charge mold and setup fees. We offer the lowest price guarantee! If you find a better price, let us know.

4. Custom Lanyard Production Process

The quality of printed lanyards can range from type to type. They are made from different materials, and the surface smoothness isn’t the same. When printing tubular lanyard, we apply the printer ink to the back of lanyard, making sure the surface is smooth and a design logo or text is complex and delicate. Printing can make a logo or text fuse the lanyard surface.

We never offer a broken logo or text lanyard, or dirty lanyard. We can explain any lanyard production process if you have questions.

The screen printed production process

Step 1: Weaving germ band by using a weaving machine.

weaving machine

Step 2: Fixing a no-cut lanyard on the table.

Fixing a no-cut lanyard on the table

Step 3: Using paint on the molds, and transferring the print on the surface of the lanyard. This process requires high-quality paint and mold.

Step 3

Step 4: Stitching lanyard with attachment.

Step 4

Step 5: Packing lanyards into boxes.

Step 5

Note: If you want to print on both sides, let the first side dry completely before printing a logo or text onto the other side. Otherwise, when you remove the lanyard, a wet lanyard logo or text will just wear off.

The heat transfer (full color) lanyard production process

Step 1: Making a blank lanyard.

Making a blank lanyard

Step 2: Designing the artwork and printing onto the paper.

Designing the artwork and printing onto the paper

Step 3: Printing a logo onto the paper.

Printing a logo onto the paper

Step 4: Using a high temperature gas machine to transfer the color from the paper on the lanyard.

Using a high temperature gas machine to transfer the color from the paper on the lanyard.

Note: Heat transfer (full color) lanyard logo or text.

We use the polyester, nylon, and RE-PET, bamboo materials to create the heat transfer lanyard. We ensure the surface is smooth and easily colored. The text or logo is dyed all the way into the fabric, thus the lanyards don’t crack, peel or fade with time. Moreover, the heat transfer (full color) printed lanyards provides the clarity of the details, and perfectly presents your personalized design thanks to top photo quality.

The edge-to-edge printing and color gradients make your logo look more professional, though some problems with a heat transfer (full color) lanyard can occur as well. The most common problems are:

  • logo or text is not aligned to the center;
  • ghosting;
  • the design of the color doesn’t match;
  • the color of a heat transfer (full color) lanyard is too vague.

We will notice if your logo doesn’t suit a heat transfer (full color) lanyard. So, you shouldn’t worry about the quality of your lanyard.

The woven lanyard production process

Step 1: Making a mold and adjusting the machine.
Step 2: Designing the artwork.
Step 3: Weaving the lanyard with a logo.

The woven lanyard production process

5. The Most Common Quality Issues You Might Have with Your Supplier

Whether you order your lanyards for the first time or you have been ordering them for a while, you might have some problems with the quality of your lanyards and your supplier. Check out some of the most common quality issues to be aware of how a perfect lanyard should look like.

Problem 1. The logo peels off from the lanyard

The logo peels off from the lanyard

Take a look at the picture above and tell what’s wrong with this lanyard? Yes, perhaps you noticed that right. The logo peels off from the lanyard and it looks unprofessional, doesn’t it? There are many reasons why the logo can peel off, but these 5 are the major ones:

  • Poor quality of transparent dielectric paste

That’s what we call ‘glue print.’ We print a transparent dielectric paste onto the lanyard material first, and then print a white logo onto it to make the text more clearly. If your supplier uses a poor quality transparent dielectric paste, the logo can easily peel off in a matter of a few day, especially during the wet season.

  •  The wrong lanyard material

There is another reason why some lanyards are of poor quality. If the lanyard material and the printing paste don’t match, the logo can peel off faster than you think. Therefore, when looking for lanyards, make sure your supplier uses the right lanyard material.

A high-quality lanyard should look like this:

The wrong lanyard material

Problem 2. A lanyard is squished

Many customers complain about having the quality issues with lanyards that are printed on both sides. Most of the times, they claim the lanyards are squished and look like they’ve been worn for years, though they bought it yesterday, for example.

The thing is, there is a huge difference between the qualities for each side of the lanyard. And it’s all about the temperature of ironing material. We give higher temperature while pressing materials to make sure the fluff don’t pull out when we print logo on both sides. If your lanyard is a bit squished, contact your supplier as soon as possible. Have a look at the picture and compare these two lanyards to see the difference. Remember, quality is above all.

A lanyard is squished

Problem 3. Poor quality of full-color lanyards

The full-color lanyards are excellent for multi-color designs, but the quality of them is sometimes disappointing. Let us explain. First of all, look at the pictures given below. What’s wrong with each picture?

Poor quality of full-color lanyards Poor quality of full-color lanyards 2 Poor quality of full-color lanyards 3

When it comes to dye sublimated (full-color lanyards) printed lanyards, there are a few issues that you might have to deal with, such as logo is not center enough for both side printing, ghosting and silk staining. If the lanyard material is in a light color like white or light green, the silk stains easily.

The 4inlanyard factory often conducts seminars and meetings related to the quality of our lanyards. We strive to make the lanyards of the highest quality and for a reasonable price. Our Quality Control Department controls the quality level of our lanyards and never allows to deliver low-quality lanyards to our clients.

Problem 4. Poor stitching

Some of our standard lanyard accessories include a metal alloy hook, a metal swivel hook, a metal crocodile clip, and a breakaway. We demand a professionally neat, straight and coincident sewing from our employers.

Three pattern repeats and an absolutely fitting needle line guarantee a high quality stitching. As a result, this method makes a lanyard much stronger and it looks a lot better. We have a very strict quality control of sewing. Every time we find a defective lanyard, we pick it out and ask our employers to improve its quality. They cut out the broken needle lines, and then stitch again.

Poor stitching

Problem 5. The lanyard’s color doesn’t match Pantone

The lanyard’s color should definitely match the color of Pantone. But sometimes people fail to notice this problem. The colorant is very important, though. We use only high quality colorant to make sure the color fastness, and provide high degree of accuracy.

It’s time to enjoy high quality lanyards

Are you tired of all these mistakes your supplier keep committing despite your complaints? Do they keep telling you that these issues are hard to avoid? It’s time to experience a top-notch service and enjoy your high-quality lanyards. Sound appealing?

Share all your requirements, wishes and needs with us. Send us an email to or use the ‘Leave the Message’ option on our website to connect with our highly experienced experts and order your dream lanyards.

The 4inlanyard company has been producing custom lanyards for 10 years now. We guarantee quality and provide an unforgettable experience. We often share some useful information on our social media pages and our well-trained staff is available online 12 hours so if you have any question, feel free to contact us.

Our professional artist will help you create the best custom lanyard logo, and complete the work within 1-2 hours until you’re satisfied. We strive to improve our customer service and the quality of our products, without raising the prices. When it comes to prices, we offer relatively low rates, so if you find cheaper lanyards, let us know and we will review the price.

Sweet Romantic Birthday Wishes And Quotes

Dictionary defines birthday as “the anniversary of the day on which a person was born” in a literal sense its true, but it means more than that for the birthday lad. It’s a day of joy, happiness, fun and most importantly celebration. All around the world, every individual love to celebrate his or her birthdays. One throws a party with cakes, food, drinks, games, singing, dancing a lots and lots of other fun activity. But the question arises, what is the reason that one celebrates their birthday? What makes this particular day so special that one cannot simply resist enjoying this day? Well there are a lot of reasons to it, but the main being it’s the anniversary of the special day on which an angel of god was born.

Sweet Romantic Birthday Wishes

Every year on this day one celebrates by cherishing what they have received, and simply forgetting what they have lost, but most importantly by moving on with life and waiting with enthusiasm for more experiences to knock their door steps in the years to come. This day is noun alone, but with the people you love this day becomes the best day of the year. Your family and friends makes this day memorable for you by their presence but what really make this day so special is there greetings and wishes. So here is a list of wishes to make the birthday of your loved one special.

 Falling in love with you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Today I thank God for bringing you on this earth, and presenting you with the gift of life. Without you my life would have been incomplete. Happy birthday my love, stay blessed.

Luck has often been on my side but I became the luckiest man on this earth, the day I met you. It’s great to be in love with such an amazing person. Happy birthday to you, I hope you are gifted with all the happiness and love of this world.

If only I could bring all the stars from the sky and present it to you on a silver platter I would do it. But that is not possible, so instead of that I present you with my love for the rest of your life. Happy birthday my sweet pie, I wish you all the happiness in this world.

Today is the opportunity for you to roast me and demand for anything you wish. It’s your birthday and I will do everything in my power to make all your wishes come true. Happy birthday my love, hope you see many more of these day.

I wish for the hands that hold us together is always mine.
I wish for the arms you rest in are always mine
I wish for the chest you rest you head upon while you sleep is always mine.

I wish for the ears that hear your whispers is always mine.
and I wish for the lips you can’t wait to kiss is always mine
I just wish to be there for you now and forever.
Happy birthday my love, may all your fun wishes come true

I thank the parents who gave birth to the most beautiful girl on this earth. They gave birth to an angel of lord. When I see you, all I think about is being with you. Happy Birthday to you my love, I love you.

Kids And Their Love For Return Gifts

Gourav and Pooja were super excited. Yesterday it was a get-together to celebrate rakhi for kids. Today, they were invited to a friend’s birthday party. The friend lived in the same apartment complex as they did. There will be cake, pizza, fun and games with their best buddies but more than all these, they were excited about one thing. Yes, the return gifts! Kids these days go to parties for return gifts more than the actual party. So if you are throwing a party and have not sorted any return gifts for kids, fret not, we have some great ideas:

Craft kits:  Many children are addicted to gadgets these days. They spend more time with this lifeless electronic stuff than necessary. A good way to keep their creative juices flowing is to get them a craft kit. Boys and girls, if orientated properly, start enjoying craft very much. There will also be the end product to look forward to.

Kids And Their Love For Return Gifts

Pencil boxes with assorted stationary:  A little pencil box or bag that holds all the stationary is such a fantastic gift to most school going kids. No matter how many they have, a new one will always bring a smile on their faces. The pattern could be a lovely floral one of the popular cartoon characters.

Confectionary packs: Kids and confectionary – they are inseparable.  A nicely packed bunch of sweeties is a very economical and fantastic return gift for any kid. There is so much choice in the market for chocolates or other types of sweets. All that is ever needed is a nicely patterned clear wrapping paper and a dainty ribbon. It will look out of the world and even adults will not be able to resist stealing one of them, shh!

Small Puzzles: Jigsaw puzzles are the best invention ever to keep the children busy and challenged. There are also tiny little number puzzles or word puzzles that will come in handy as a return gift for kids. You never know, your return gift might be the one to instigate that spirit in a child to solve the Rubik’s cube in a matter of seconds.

Tips To Make Softer Cakes for Your Grand Celebration on Anniversary

Anniversary is the time to say thank you to your partner for the wonderful journey. No journey is always smooth, there is always some amount of pain and that’s what makes the journey even stronger. So, what do you do generally on an anniversary? Call up friends, relatives, and colleagues and throw a party or go out for a lovely evening. People come and wish you people for your togetherness, have food and drink, gossip about others and leave. It’s a great way of reconnecting to people so get together on occasions is a good option. But what would the guests remember and take back home? They would forget everything, in fact some of them would forget the date of your anniversary but they would never forget the food and drinks served. We have some basic tips for you to make satin soft anniversary cakes so that your guests always remember the hospitality.

anniversary cakes

Follow these for a softer, smoother, and delectable cakes.

  1. A good mixing: Any work requires good homework to form a firm base. If the base of a building is not strong, it will fall easily. So, the homework that you require is to watch closely all the TV shows on baking cakes and reading about them. The batter of the cake has to be a perfect one because it is the skeleton of a cake. Different types of cakes require different method of mixing. For example, butter cake or sponge cake or layered cakes get their softness while you cream the fat and sugar together, adding eggs and then slowly incorporating dry fruits with timely addition of milk. Foam cakes get the foam like fluffy texture while egg whites are beaten, whipped until voluminous and then folded into the batter.
  2. Oven Knowledge: Once the cakes batter is made, it has to be baked. It’s great that you have done the base work correctly, but baking part is equally important. Over cooking or under cooking often results in unsatisfactory taste. So, correct amount of heating is required. You can get oven thermometer so that the cake is just a flawless one.
  3. Size of the Pan: Size of the pan is very important for retaining the softness of cakes. Cakes generally swell up 50-100% once poured in the baking pan and therefore if there is lack of space the result would be a hard cake.
  4. Freshness: Make sure that the eggs that you are using are fresh because the foam formed by fresh egg whites are always the best. Another thing to remember is to sift the flour before mixing it in baking powder and other ingredients.

In case, you are running out of time and want something easy then you can go for online shopping of cakes where a plethora of cakes are waiting for you. Apple crumble, chocolate fudge, blueberry cheese cake, caramel cheese cake, choco pistachio, mocha cake, tiramisu cake, opera cake, white forest cake, hazel nut chocolate cake, ferrero rocher cake, are just to name a few. You can get any of these delectable anniversary cakes from any online gift shop like Ferns and Petals.

Dresses that you should never wear while traveling – A vital check on the facts

When you’re traveling, safety should definitely be one of the key considerations, irrespective of where you travel and for what you’re traveling. They say you are what you dress like and if you don’t wear the right dresses, people might have a bad impression on your confidence and your self-esteem. However, that doesn’t mean that you could carry anything and everything while traveling or wear anything that you want to. You should keep in mind certain factors before choosing an attire so that you don’t offend the sentiments of any class of people. The concerns of this article will deal with the different apparels or dresses that you need not carry when you’re traveling to some place. Read on to know about what not to wear when you’re out for a trip.

  • Don’t wear clothes that are religiously immodest:

If you’re about to visit a country that holds deeply religious views like the countries in the MiddleEast, you should make a wise decision while choosing your clothes. You should particularly avoid miniskirts, bra tops, tank tops, short-sleeved shirts and at times you should avoid even capri pants. Don’t carry revealing dresses and those that show your cleavage as they are big No-Nos for traveling to religious places. Men should even try to avoid sleeveless tops and shorts in any of the Middle East countries or while entering a church.

  • Open toe shoes or sneakers:

In majority of the countries, sneakers are mainly for sporting activities. On the other hand, Crocs, tennis shoes and Birkenstocks are frowned by the Italians and Spaniards. Instead, you should wear some comfortable leather shoes while walking through the city and always keep them polished and well-maintained. For most of the American tourists, lace-up tennis shoes are more of a calling card. If you’re traveling apart from a beach, it is best to stick to closed-toe shoes which can safeguard you from insect cuts or bites.

Dresses that you should never wear while traveling

  • Avoid shorts:

Yes, it is true that Americans love their shorts but there are some other cultures like Vietnamese and Indonesians who don’t usually wear shorts for regular walking purposes. Therefore, you should reserve your khaki shorts for only parks, beaches, tennis clubs and hiking trails.

  • Curse words, national flags and religious images:

Avoid clothes that sport military or religious symbols, swear words or national flags or some words that are written in a language which can’t be translated. Do you think there’s a need to spark a debate while you’re on a vacation? Therefore, it is better to leave religious jewelry and other controversial necklaces back at home. Even if you wear it, make sure they’re underneath your clothes.

Therefore, if you’re travelling to some place which is either too religious or orthodox, you should avoid wearing the above mentioned types of clothes. To know more on travel clothes that you should pack, you may take a look at

Seven Sizzling Gifts to make one remember the Country’s Culture

Gifts are meant to increase the happiness of the person whom you want to gift. A gift always has to carry certain meaning so that the receiver remembers it for a long time. The best kind of gifts are always those ones which makes one relish on old days of life. This kind of gift becomes all the more important when you are gifting someone who is away from the country into some distant land. These so called NRI’s always have a heart that beats for their own people but out of some obligations or choice they have stay away. India is a land full of festivals all the year round and every time visiting the land for every festival is impossible. And that’s why making them remember them the lanes of their country with sizzling gifts would be the best idea to make them cheerful.

Seven Sizzling Gifts

  1. Terracotta products like tea set along with a tea cozy made by mom would be a lovely gift on his birthday. You know how much he loves his tea. So, something innovative like this would be loved a lot. Moreover, the terracotta material would send him a smell of our soil.
  1. Recent books written by Indian writers or the old classics by Tagore, Premchand, or R.K.Narayan which he is still to read would be a lovely gift idea to make him happy in the season of rakhi. Also send a rakhi to UK along with your well-chosen book.
  1. The junk jewelry that are available in Kinari Bazar, Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Dharmatala, etc. can be bought for your sister staying abroad. On the holy and bright occasion of Diwali, these junk jewelries would just add a bit more happiness in her living because these street junk jewelries available in our country is found nowhere else.
  1. These days you get really cool and funky t-shirts, kurtis, and pajamas where you have a slice of India printed on them like: auto rickshaws, tea stalls, famous monuments, various dance forms, or famous personalities of India. You can gift these kind of personalized t-shirts to our loved ones settled abroad. They would simply love it.

funky t-shirts, kurtis

  1. For those people who believe in God and worship daily, you can send an embellished pooja thali or a temple made up of white marble. The receiver would seriously be overjoyed with this gift. Complete this gift with a glittering idol of any God/Goddess.

God Goddess

  1. When your brother is away in UK and you are missing him dearly during rakhi, you can send rakhi to UK using any online gift portal. To make him smile a bit more send a packet of his favorite Indian Kaju Katli. He would dance in joy definitely.
  1. On Dusshera, you can select a lovely antique jewelry box filled with an earpiece and a nose ring for your sweet sister.

7 Approaches to Modify A Gift Basket

Gifting have to be done with thought and feeling. The one who receives the present basket must feel special. So, when you need to send the friend, business associate, or member of the family a gift basket in the many offered by innovative websites online make yours different by customizing your gourmet gift basket.

Modify A Gift Basket

Personalizing a container isn’t regarding spending more. It? about showing the recipient you care. Even simple gifts are valued if they’re meaningful. Here are some suggestions regarding how to personalize a gift basket:

1. Think before you decide on the ideal gourmet gift basket on the internet that fits within your budget. Read the contents and think what the receiver will experience the items. Select a basket which contains items which will be enjoyed or treasured.

2. Consider sending a style basket that triggers happy moments or a discussed secret. Result in the gift special by linkingit to some thing private and happy. So if you appreciated cheese and crackers on a trip together then trigger of the memory by delivering a parmesan cheese selection.

3. Add a personal touch by sending a poem or verse to become positionedwithin the basket.

4. Choose a d? cor that shows meaning. A pink ribbon or decoration.

5. Pamper the receiver by sending wine or a luxury health spa basket with bath gels and aroma oils.

6. Think of healing gifts for a sick person and send a gift basket which will place a smile inside their faces. Choose carefully and let each item convey a note ?a game title of cards or board game both of you enjoyed.

7. Send a style gift container, choose items a gardener, handy person, or enthusiast will enjoy. If your recipient loves tools send a mixture of handy tools like a screw driver set that matches in a wallet, or perhaps a multipurpose sludge hammer, or a selection of nails and screws with some stick fast along with a group of pliers.

Gifting need not be boring it could mean something and become items which a person will use for a long time and don’t forget you every time. So that it does not just have to be chocolates, it could be garden seeds, a paint set, hankies, sewing wool, small dogs, a hand puppet, an array of wines and so on. Let your creativity take wing send a considerate gourmet gift basket and devote only as much as you intended.

Buy a present gift basket online and enjoy huge discounts and special deals. Websites online offer many choices as well as send gift baskets all around the world. Make absolutely certain from the shipping costs and consider breakable items and so forth before choosing a container. Log on to websites that share innovative gifting ideas and distribute the very best gourmet gift baskets money can purchase.

Exactly what Gifts?

All through my life, discernment has been my primary gift. Always hovering near by are the gifts training, perception, information. People often let me know that i’m a great teacher, and something of the things they value is my capability to see what others often miss and also to explain where arguments or concepts break up.


I am unable to count how often someone has said to me, “I never would’ve considered what you taught how you do, but now that you express it, it perfectly. It’s so obvious!” For me personally, this is the grace in our spiritual gifts – we’re enabled to complete something exceptionally well that, consequently, benefits others.

All gifts receive to the people, but as the writer of Ephesians reminds us, the gifts receive to equip they for the upbuilding from the body – for that common good.

As an idealistic twenty-year old, “taking whoever was willing” seemed inadequate somehow, so I proposed to build up a “tool” to assist determine who possessed the necessary skills and abilities to educate in the church. Listening to no argument and disregarding the attention rolling and head shaking, I determined to create a method for teacher identification. The issue was, I really didn’t know how to begin.

As luck would have it – or by the intervention of your Holy Spirit (I’d rather not guideline that away!) – I joined a seminar on education at Ball State University. The presenter, William Dorton, was presented like a “gifted” teacher; and throughout the presentation, Mr. Dorton repeatedly known his “gift.” At one point, he mentioned that becoming an adult he never considered himself a teacher until “a group of Friends (Quakers) discerned this gift within me in a meeting also it changed my entire life.


Although I do not fully agree with all things in this slim volume (nor did Then i), I’m able to confidently state that no other book – lacking the Holy bible itself – has done more to shape my ministry or create in me a personal vision in my life’s work. Kinghorn’s work establishedmoving an ongoing training program and reflection. I have caused the invention, development, and deployment of spiritual gifts with a large number of women and men of fifteen denominations, twelve secular professions, and 4 major Catholic orders over the past seventeen years. Of all the work of my calling, nothing is increased amounts of satisfaction or rewarding.

Over the years, my thinking around spiritual giftedness has changed in one important and significant way: The majority of the early religious gifts components held the institutional church at the center.

Quite simply, we are gifted to support the church. Whatever have started to realize is that we’re not gifted because of the church; rather, the church exists because we’re gifted.

Rather than identifying spiritual gifts in an effort to place men and women on committees or councils, we ought to form committees and councils that enable individuals to find out, create, and live using their gifts twenty-four hours each day, seven days per week. We do not serve the church; we are the church – gifted by God, empowered through the Holy Spirit, and called to reside from our gifts on the planet.

My newest learning concerning spiritual gifts could be the synergy. Gifts are given to individuals for the common good, but they are most effective when they are linked together. When a person possessing the present of data joins a gifted teacher, amazing things can happen. Gifted healers find a new amount of ministry when associated with those having the present of compassion or miracles.

Leaders complement administrators; evangelists empower apostles; the sensible benefit the prophets; discernment develops belief. Spiritual gifts provide us with an incredible kaleidoscope of mix-and-match opportunities. Living from your gifts permits us to form wondrous networks of spiritual power for the building of communities grounded for each other, peace, mercy, acceptance, and beauty.